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If you dodged a ban, doesn't that mean that you should just keep botting away?
#1 Posted : Tuesday, August 7, 2018 10:09:29 PM(UTC)
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tednet;57153 wrote:
Cmon, Ralphy, you can't seriously think a Blizzard program would scan outside of its own memory? That's super illegal and they would be under major fire if they actually did that.
The TOS/EULA is just scare tactics, and exe name randomization is just placebo.

Everyone on this forum would be banned if the actual program was detected. Player reports and heuristics, that's how we got hit. There are some obvious tells about hearthranger, especially if you play a couple of games against the bot in a row. Some people don't have anything better to do with their lives than report bots.

Logically, Blizzard being able to scan your PC for HR is just complete fake news. So pretty much Blizzard got nothing on you except actual player reports and your daily play time which they can track. That means if you use the concede after every win feature and never play ranked, you will eventually play against newbie players who won't know any better. If your forum usernames are also different from your IGN in Hearthstone, you are also less suspicious. But pretty much Blizzard has likely got nothing on you except a log of potential reports and your play time. Think about it, nobody wants to play this fucking game for 10 hours a day. Remember, they ban you by hand, so they will not risk a permanent ban if the odds are low and your profile transcript looks clean. Anyone else thinking the same thing? If you dodge a ban now, doesn't it make sense that you are just in the clear?
throwaway1985;57233 wrote:
It probably isn't detectable and is something more heuristic based (like misplays) . Many of us didn't get banned which wouldn't be the case if it was detectable. I botted every day for 2 years (average of 4-5 hours per day) and am fine so it isn't just about detection.

The most likely dead giveaway would be the bot making some braindead play which just makes no sense. Now, the logical thing to do is play HS without HR for a few days because of the new expansion while the devs are hard at work updating the bot. The bot would sometimes just give off misplay red flags which could lead to reports. The problem becomes other players ratting you out. That is why being low in the elo system decreases the likelihood of the banhammer. The last thing we need is for Reddit to become aware, the botting issue was front page but now its not. Downvote any botting post you see, @JoyAdmin please make this forum account more privatized by making it LOG IN FIRST then see the posts. Blizzard employees could make an account to spy but it will slow things down.
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